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Founded in June 2008, Team 360 from its inception had a vision to make a breakthrough in the Indian Automotive Events and Motorsports and perceived it as a booming industry.

Team 360 began its journey way before 2008 by gathering a cult of riders fueled by the passion of Motorcycling. Over the years, the members organized themselves to form Team 360. Team 360 went public from June 2008 with its first event and motorcycle stunt show at Center One Mall, Vashi Navi Mumbai. This event gave us the honour to be the first in the country to have been organized a stunt show on a Public Property. Carrying forward the legacy, Team 360 has then done over 150 Motorcycle stunt shows and events across a board spectrum of arenas and setups.



Welcome to Team 360!




Channelising the emotional connect amongst motor sports enthusiasts and develop a brotherhood of Indians, who endure or intend to endure motor sports in its every form.




To raise motor – sports to a new pinnacle by giving platform for passion, where it is recognized as a talent and above all as an industry as a profession-set-apart transcending through one idea - being over-cautious and over-the-edge. 




  • Scaling up the name and branding of Team 360 through events and promotional activities and create a market place
  • Encouraging a professional approach to motor sports, through a more responsible conduct and holding human life dear. 
  • Developing corporate associations who share the vision of Team 360
  • Creating a one-stop talent pool in India and share created opportunities by the Team, with the pool
  • Diversifying and aligning the talent so as to provide a range of services related to the industry in its every form
  • Expanding the talent base so as to create varied talent capacities for motor sports

TEAM 360 was founded by its members who initially shared a passion and now share a profession!